Another batsh*t crazy rappel

The Black Hole Drop is another of those “only in Belize” experiences that is a leap off the beaten tourist path and just a bit insane. It’s available through Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Resort and is just up the road from St. Herman’s Cave and Blue Hole.

Begin by boarding your jungle limosuine for a ten minute ride from the resort to the back of an orange grove.

Caves Brnach Limo- Real Life Recess

An unassuming path in to the jungle is the start of your challenging one-hour hike.

Jungle Path - Real Life Recess

Caves Branch Hike - Real Life Recess

Luckily our guides provided snacks along the way- have you ever eaten a termite? Not at all what I expected (mushy, woody, earthy), they had virtually no taste or mouth feel until you swallow then- minty! Who would have guessed. I really enjoyed them actually.

Termite Snack- Real Life Recess

When you finally reach the Black Hole- a former cave that collapsed hundreds of years ago- your guides get busy unravelling rope and trussing you up in preparation for the rappel.

Rappel Prep with guide- Real Life Recess

Let me pause here just to mention how wonderful it was to have a woman tour guide especially for an adventure excursion such as this. It’s been my experience that guides are almost always male and machoism is still very much part of Belize culture; I innocently asked a guide on our last rappel if there were any women guides working in Bocawina and he gave a little laugh and replied: “no, a woman couldn’t do this job.” Ppshhhh! I guess he doesn’t know about Telma!

Ok back to the excursion- once you’re outfitted with harnesses and helmets you go over the edge one at a time. You get a few feet of cliff face to back pedal down and this is where you get to really see and appreciate the magnitude of your drop- yikes! And just like that the stone wall against your feet stops and you’re left dangling.


I recommend this excursion for the truly adventurous vacationer those heart is healthy enough to handle the excursion of the hike and the thrill of the drop.

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