A poorly planned daytrip to Punta Gorda

punta gorda town in southern belize

Our little guy, Mitch, has a standing playdate on Sundays with his best friend and neighbor, Louis.  A few weekends ago we took them on an adventure to Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve to go hiking (read about it here).  They’ve been requesting another off-peninsula adventure and it has been a year since I’ve been down south (remember our mother son adventure to PG and Blue Creek) so I decided we’d jam down to Punta Gorda and have an unstructured, no-itinerary, kick around town and enjoy a nice seaside lunch.

seaside town in southern belize, punta gorda

I should have planned our adventure because it was wholly disappointing.  It takes about 2 and a half hours EACH WAY to drive from Placencia to PG.  Did you know there’s thirty- yes 3!0!- speed bumps on the peninsula?  I know, because out of sheer boredom and frustration, I counted them.  So after 2 ½ hours listening to the boys talk about Minecraft and who-kisses-who-at-school and debates on what would win in a fight: a Megalodon or a Mosasaurus, we finally arrived in PG.  It wasn’t quite lunchtime so we parked and wandered up to the park in search of ice-cream.  The ice-cream shop was closed; whether because of covid or simply because it was Sunday, I don’t know.

Punta Gorda at least has a good public playground.  It’s a great one by Belize standards and the boys were overjoyed to see swings in working condition and slides that weren’t metal and either rusted through or molten hot.

The kids got a small Western Dairies ice cream cup from the grocery store to cool off after playing.  This isn’t a true treat (I wouldn’t even waste the calories on one, they’re pretty terrible) especially considering Louis’ mom owns a grocery store and he can probably help himself to a Western Dairies any time he likes.  Just before noon we headed over to Asha’s Culture Kitchen.  I’d eaten there last year and was blown away by their menu and the location, on the cliff with a dock stretching in to the sea, was perfect for a leisurely lunch and swim. 

It was CLOSED! It’s been closed since the pandemic began. I was so disappointed!  We quickly looked around for an alternative but we were hard pressed to find anything open.  We found a mediocre meal in a crappy café before taking the long ride home.  The boys kept up a running commentary on favorite Youtubers, zombies in real life, bodily functions, and a bunch of other nonsense I did my best to tune out.

We could have done any number of things between Placencia and PG: the Spice Farm or Nim Li Punit Mayan Ruin.  We could have had a swim at Red Bank river and looked for Macaws.  We could have had a nice lunch at Copal Tree Lodge and rode their tram cart down to the stream.  But no, we spent 5 hours in the car to use a different playground and get a lousy lunch. What would you have done?  I’m going to plan our next adventure properly!

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