Beautiful Blue Creek Cave

On our Mothers and Sons winter break adventure down south, Julia and I took the boys to Blue Creek Cave.  Our guide, Marlon, from the Butterfly Eco Park showed us how to find this beautiful wet cave that a proper full tour of would take HOURS.

Julia is scared of jungles and probably terrified of caves; Mitch has the stamina of a sloth and I wouldn’t want to carry him through wet caverns and over slippery stones for hours.  So we didn’t tour inside the cave but we marveled at its splendor and enormity from the mouth.

Blue Creek Village is small and basic, no shops and restaurants.  I don’t think most residences even have electricity.  The predominate groups are Mopan and Kekchi Maya but I was surprised to see a significant Mennonite presence even this far south.  We passed a sort of technical high school offering farming and machinery classes run by a Mennonite man.  What Blue Creek Village lacks in modern amenities it makes up for in natural beauty and charming people.

Park by the river where kids are selling crafts and women are beating their laundry, follow a path past a defunct resort with really cute tree-house-type-cabanas.

Wind your way through the woods and across a stream, head against the current and over moss covered boulders to the cave entrance.  Stand here and appreciate the cool air breezing out from deep within.  There are beautiful blue pools of cold and clean water to dip in.

Just stay away from the “meat grinder,” a whirling vortex that wouldn’t release you if you were careless or unfortunate enough to be sucked in.  The boys were, of course, FASINATED by this!  Inching closer and closer, asking the same questions over and over again until we (the mothers) got fed-up and declared the tour over and marched these curiously naughty boys downstream to safety.

Even without a visit to the cave the area is beautiful to picnic and swim in.

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