Belize Private Island Retreat- Ray Caye Weekend

ray caye belize private island vacation

It’s a tough life, I’ll tell you.  Our motto here at Real Life Recess is “play more, work less” and it is oh so easy to take that break from the “real world” when you get to do it on a private island surrounded by magnificent coral reef and tepid turquoise sea.

At the moment, Belize is still closed to international visitors but domestic tourism is limping along.  Ray Caye will be one of the Belize Tourism Board’s premiere Gold Standard resorts when the first phase of international, closed-loop tourism resumes.  Can you imagine a better place to self-isolate than a boutique luxury resort on a wee island a stone throw from Belize’s beautiful barrier reef?  I think I could do it indefinitely!

We headed out from Placencia on Friday morning to enjoy our mini vacation with a few other families and a bunch of excited children.  Ray Caye is a playground for guests of all ages.  Jet skis, hobey cats, paddle boards, volleyball, yoga studio, dive shop, and my two top picks:

A proper air-conditioned gym with modern equipment

And this sick, two-story water slide in to the sea

The rooms are also lovely.  Surprisingly well insulated.  We hardly used our A/C unit because we knew the precious solar power could only go so far and our room stayed blissfully comfortable all weekend.  (it might be easy to impress us though because at home we forgo the expense of air con and just take 3 cold showers throughout each sweaty, sweltering day)  The room was also remarkably quiet; you wouldn’t hear the lapping of the waves or pelican chatted or rain unless you came out on your veranda.  Ray has also expanded since I’ve seen it last, adding some lovely Honeymoon Suite cabanas with personal infinity pools and what will soon be another restaurant and pool with swim-up bar.

The restaurant churns out some imaginative (and strong) cocktails and delicious food.  The lionfish tacos are my absolute favorite and they bake fresh, soft bread daily- which was a delight for Mitch as he is on a strict, self-imposed POW diet of basically only bread and water.

The weekend flew by in a whirl of flapping stingray wings and blended beverages.  The kids amused themselves between our scheduled activities (namely meals and a snorkel trip out to the sharks and turtles near Silk Caye) by splashing in the pool, building sandcastles, and painting faces.  Mitch also spent a significant amount of time impressing us in the gym with his treadmill prowess.  He spent half an hour burning a hundred calories on the Elliptical machine while I returned some emails.  How is it that this child doesn’t have the stamina to walk to the grocery store without demanding to be carried but he can burn it out at the gym?  I blame Phil.

I could have happily stayed another full day and night- thank you Ray Caye and all the amazing staff for hosting us for the weekend and seriously tiring out the children!  Everyone under the age of 13 fell asleep on the ferry home.

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