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Megan: It’s my daily (weekday) routine to check and read the following blogs.  I read a bunch of others periodically but these are the ones I love and faithfully follow (and they’ve inspired me to start this blog).

The SanPedro Scoop:  Rebecca describes her blog as “an opinionated guide to Ambergris Caye and Belize”  I love it for the daily (yes! daily!) posts and reader friendly design.  This blog is legit and has great content on restaurants, accommodations, tours and activities mostly around Ambergris and Caulker Cayes but also the mainland of Belize.  It’s probably the most read blog about Belize.

Bound for Belize:  Robert and Rose are a retired California couple that just moved to Ambergris Caye.  I like their blog for two reasons. 1) They’re brand new, first time American expats so I appreciate their opinions and perspective on things.  Everything that they’re discovering and experiencing right now is basically what we’ll be going through 2-ish years from now when we make our move.  Kinda cool, kinda creepy- I feel maybe a tad too invested in their new lives. 2) Robert was (is) a professional writer and I really just enjoy his style of writing.  I could definitely learn a thing or two from him; he’s clever, concise, and adds some humor to his posts.  Just a really good writer.

Getting Stamped  Ok, Adam and Hannah aren’t expats.  They’re RTW (round-the-world) trippers but I love their blog for a few different reasons.  First off, I love their back story- totally relatable and I feel like Phil and I have a lot in common with them.  They’re an American couple around my age and they’ve traveled to a lot of the places Phil and I have gone even before their RTW trip.  Example: They went to Phuket, Thailand on their honeymoon… as did we! AND Belize is quite special to them also- because it was on a trip to Belize that they met RTW travelers and were inspired to make their own trip.  They also could possibly see themselves living in Placencia- the town that’s currently at the top of our short list of future locales. Secondly, their site looks fantastic and professional, as do their photos.  Really, the photos alone are worth your trip to their site- stunning.  Oh, and Adam has a beer blog that he uses to review the beers that he’s tried all around the world.  In case you didn’t know, Phil and I really like beer.  OMG, so much in common!

Letters to My Friends Back Home:   “Moving to, living in, and dealing with life in a new country… this is a blog for old friends, new friends, and strangers who feel like checking in once in a while to see what I’m up to down here in Belize.”  Carrie is also around my age and get this: we’re both originally from Bucks County Pennsylvania… small world!  She lives on Ambergris Caye now but had been living on a farm in Stann Creek where she had chickens- I’m totally going to have chickens in Belize.  She also makes her own beauty products which I can appreciate (love me some DIY!) and she just seems pretty cool- she’s got tattoos and dreadlocks ok?  Like my odd emotion investment in Bound for Belize, I’m probably too attached to Carrie’s story as well but I imagine that if we ended up living in the same town in Belize… we would TOTALLY be friends.  (That is unless she read this and is completely creeped out by it and wanted me to stay far the hell away from her, in which case I couldn’t blame her.)

Captain and Clark:  “The Modern Cartographers”  Captain Chris Staudinger and wife, Tawny Clark, are a young American couple who’ve traveled pretty extensively throughout the US and lived in Korea for a few years.  I like their blog for the unique content (they’ve travelled to Croatia, Bahrain, and Iceland for example) and their superb travel videos.  Chris and Tawny are true showmen and possess a natural poise behind the camera; a really nice rapport with one another too (two big personalities but they don’t overwhelm each other).  Their videos are informative AND funny as hell.  Their voice-over work on the videos is also really good; now that I work in radio I appreciate a nice “read.”


Phil: List of blogs Phil reads- coming soon

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