Caribbean Christmas

Have a holly jolly Christmas in Placencia- it’s the best time of the year!  I certainly know there won’t be snow but you can have your cups of cheer.  Christmas Eve is a celebration of note on the peninsula.  We spent our day by the pool while I roasted a turkey then packed up our dinner to enjoy with our friends down the sidewalk.  What better way to make an entrance at a party than by showing up tugging a wagon full of turkey dinner?  Just call me Mrs. Claus.

A street parade begins at Nautical Inn and comes down through Siene Bight all the way to Placencia’s municipal pier.  After our feast and fill of rum popo, we all headed out to the road to wait for the parade.

There are your usual suspects participating in the parade- police and fire departments

The kids watching the parade were tossed goodie bags from Inky’s mini golf trolley and the Rotary’s scholarship recipients played elves on a decorated float.

Decked out trucks and a motorcycle trimmed with more tinsel than chrome completed the parade.

We followed the fun down the road and Mitch and Kyle were luck enough to catch a ride like Santa on the back of the Firetruck!

When everyone reached the pier, the real party began: Village Council had organized music and a cash bar and much to everyone’s delight- a toy giveaway!

Sirenian Bay Resort (you’ll remember I wrote up a rave review of the Mistletoe Ball they hosted) sponsored a fireworks display but we couldn’t stay awake late enough to watch it.  If you didn’t have to get home and in bed in anticipation of Santa visiting then you could have had a great night of party hopping.  Looks like Barefoot had a festive celebration too.

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