Cheap travel- post pandemic

When restrictions are lifted and borders re-opened, where will you travel to?  Here is why I think Belize is perfectly posed to be your safe escape as the world recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Location, location, LOCATION! 

The least populated country in Central America, this tiny jewel has a distinctly Caribbean vibe and seemingly endless miles of all but deserted beaches or giant tracts of pristine wilderness.  Enjoy the beauty and nature of this, still mostly, undeveloped country- AWAY FROM THE CROWDS!

Proximity to the US and Canada make it an easy choice for North American travelers.  Delta, American, United, Southwest, Air Canada, and Westjet all offer flights to Belize.  We’re just about 2 hours of air travel time from Florida’s major hubs or 2 and a half from Houston.  Close proximity makes getting to Belize and beginning your vacation a breeze.  It also gives a sense of security in these uncertain times that you aren’t too far from home should the unforeseen happen.

There’s something for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway to relax and decompress, a health and wellness retreat to re-center yourself, a cultural or historical experience to broaden your mind, an adrenaline packed adventure to slough off the quarantine boredom, or a family friendly trip to make lifelong memories- you will find it in Belize.  From the reef to the ridge (Mountain Pine Ridge that is) and everything in between; Belize offers the best vacation for both beach and jungle.

Now is the time to snag deals. 

The travel restrictions necessitated by the pandemic have devalued many tourism industries and we’ve felt the impact here in itty bitty Belize just as the rest of the globe has.  With the closure of our borders to international visitors we have seen a focus shift to local tourism.  Belize residents have been enjoying domestic tourism this summer at 50% off, often with special bonuses added to incentivize local travelers to become tourists in their own country.  As the restrictions soften, I expect this discount trend to continue for a while: drastic savings, free upgrades, special bonuses.  Steal these deals while they last.

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