ChristMISS in Belize

mitch and santa outside of Placencia's candy shop

Okay I realize it’s been awhile since I last posted and that’s because I was battling a case of the Bah-Humbugs. I kept feeling as though there was nothing to write about- NO parades, NO gatherings, NO Mistletoe Ball this year. The new SI squashed holiday get-togethers and cracked down on the curfew: 8pm for adults and 6pm for kids, no alcohol sales after 6 either. I’m not feel very merry.

Just as Halloween was a let down (post: Hall-O-Well, that was disappointing), Christmas was a miss too in 2020.

But I’ve got the Scrooge off my back now and I’ll admit the holidays were still merry and bright. We got a cold front that’s sent temperatures in to the 70s and has everyone pulling on their Christmas sweaters- how festive!

Mr. Cal organized a holiday sports camp for kids that Mitch has really enjoyed attending.

We still enjoyed opening gifts from the Nanas and PopPops on Christmas morning (they use 20 Cadena to send packages from the East Coast to Belize, we’ve been very happy with the service from this shipping company).

The new Belikin Calendars are out- 12 months of Belizean babes. Bowen and Bowen had a promotional tent set up outside of Ming’s grocery with a deal: buy 2 six-packs of Stout and get a free calendar. Phil snagged his of course; and has it proudly displayed in our living room.

AND….We just confirmed our plans for New Year’s Eve– we’ll be celebrating South African New Year at 4pm our time so that we can have a toast and be finished our celebrations by 6. We’re going to the Little Wine Bar’s new patio (because outdoor dining only is permitted) with a reservation for the maximum of 10 friends. What a weird year, am I right?!

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