Cockscomb Hike with the Ladies of Placencia

The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a huge park about an hour drive from Placencia that has a bunch of hiking trails and waterfalls and even river tubing. If you come to the village on vacation but want to see the jungle and spot some cool wildlife, Cockscomb is probably the closest trip you can choose. I had the pleasure of tagging along with some other moms from the village on a kids-free morning hike. The entrance fee is $2.50 for Belizean nationals and residents and $10 for visitors. The drive in to the park is unpaved and ROUGH but once you get there the trails are well marked and maintained (on the drive in I seriously had my doubts).

We decided on the Tiger Fern Trail because we wanted a bit of a challenge…

Hiking Cockscomb Trail Real Life Recess

Cockscomb Hiking Trails

Hiking in Cockscomb Real Life Recess

…and the reward is a bomb-ass double waterfall!!

Cockscomb Double Waterfall Real Life Recess

It was raining the morning we went (it IS that season) so the trail was muddy… like really muddy. But even with picking our way along the slippery path we made it to the falls in about an hour. I imagine it would be very nice to swim and hang out here in better weather.

Swimming Cockscomb Waterfall Real Life Recess

There are so many unique and colorful plants along the way. I wanted to eat these super bright blue berry things because they were just so gorgeous.

Cockscomb Berry Plant Real Life Recess

There’s a “camp site” off to the side of the trail from which you could view Victoria Peak, the second highest point in Belize, but it was pretty foggy while we were there.

Victoria's Peak Cockscomb Belize Real Life Recess

Check out the amenities hahaha.

Cockscomb Outhouse Real Life Recess

Cockscomb Outhouse View Real Life Recess

Cockscomb Outhouse Real Life Recess

Hopefully we’ll go back soon to check out some other trails!

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