Commercial shoot for Captain Jaks Golf Carts

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a video shoot for my neighboring property, Captain Jaks.

Captain Jaks has traditionally offered budget-friendly, rustically charming accommodations, bicycle, and golf cart rentals.  They still do, but under new ownership (Brian and Brenda Montgomery, I’ve mentioned them here before– they’re also the owners of Sirenian Bay and Inky’s mini golf) they’ve been trending towards upgrading the rooms and amenities.  They now have the biggest and best golf cart fleet in probably all of Belize.

They offer a slew of tours- fishing, island hopping, inland tours to ruins or adventures.  They’re basically a one-stop-shop.  Check it all out here but if you don’t see precisely what you want- ask!  I bet their guides can put together a package that’s perfect.

Anyway!  Back to my Sunday of Stardom… we shot a video commercial showcasing golf cart rentals.  Friend and fellow PIA mom (peninsula international academy, our little guys are in the same class- double trouble!), Vanessa, is the sales and marketing manager for Sirenian Bay and by extension- for Captain Jaks.  I’ve just begun a self-guided educational journey on Marketing 101 and WOW!  Vanessa’s job is massively complicated!  Luckily enough she has a dynamite team to work with.  Up-and-coming photographer/ videographer, Shaquille Rogers, and SB tech guru, Nathan, collaborated to shoot this short from every angle.

Alyssa was the lead; she quickly and easily rents a cart from Aretha, an authentic friendly face you will actually see front of house at Captain Jaks- she’s not just some hired pretty face for the camera.

Alyssa’s character texts my character, the friend, and tells her to meet up a Captain Jaks… we’re going joy-riding!  We rode down to the point of Placencia and grabbed a tropical fruit smoothie from the Shak.  How photogenic is this place?!?

We finished up the shoot with a sipping scene at the end of the pier and some more drone footage.  The sun was shy that day so I hope the vibrant colors of perfect Placencia Point come across in the final product.

Not only was it a fun day of golf carts and shakes from the Shak, but they gave me this great cooler bag too! Perfect for the beach.

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  • I do like the new logo in front of Captain Jaks. Good to see them reopen. Glad to see you doing well also. Keep up the posts.

    • Thanks Ray! I can’t wait to see it complete- I think they’re growing vines or something over that structure to create a shade canopy

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