Cruising Crepes and Churros

How sweet it is!  Allow me to introduce you to Belize’s latest and greatest mobile food business: Cruising Crepes and Churros.

Food trucks made the popularity leap from grungy street corner and county fair to hip festivals and posh weddings a few years ago.  San Pedro, Belize’s biggest tourism destination, established the food truck trend here with the Truck Stop, a stationary food truck courtyard that boasts ample seating, holds special events, has a pool, bars, and something for nearly everyone’s taste.  (I’ve written about the Truck Stop here before)

On the mainland, we have Cayo-based but country wide traveling, Miss Deb’s.  She’s got a cult following around here and that’s because she keeps her menu small based on what’s available locally; whatever she does, she does right!  From crispy golden corndogs and cheesy fries to melt-in-your-mouth lobster rolls or vegan black bean burgers.  Look for her at local special events and festivals and follow her on Facebook to stay up to date on where she’ll park next.

Well now southern Belize can claim our very own food truck, with the new addition of Placencia-based Cruising Crepes and Churros.  Owned and operated by world travelers, Jack (originally from New Zealand) and Nina (born in Colombia), Cruising Crepes promises to bring international creations of sweet and savory delights to us here in paradise. 

Today they made their village debut with a Free Churros giveaway/ Fundraiser.  Free churros for everyone, donations collected for the Sierra’s Soup Kitchen.  (I’ve written about the soup kitchen recently here and here)  As it so happened as I was walking past Omar’s Creole Grub to go down to the food truck event, the Sierras were busy setting out the community free lunch for those in need.  Look at all these meals prepped and ready for distribution!

Nina and Jack were cranking out the churros: hot, crispy on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside, rolled in cinnamon sugar.  Excitement buzzing in the frying-oil-scented-air!

We needed this now.  Not just me and mitch, but the village in general.  Things have been looking a bit bleak and its so so good to see new business- especially one that specializes in fried treats.  We also needed a snow cone (said Mitch) and we were happy to see Placencia Sno-Balls has re-opened.

What do you think of specialty food trucks?  Wasn’t is thoughtful and generous of Jack and Nina to introduce churros to Placencia with a giveaway and fundraiser for the soup kitchen?  If you missed your churro today, mark your calendar for next Thursday when they’ll do it all again with donations collected for the village Food Bank!

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