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Do you know the Granola Man? - Real Life Recess

Do you know the Granola Man?

Muffin man?  No, the granola guy!  One of the friendly faces you should know, Mr. Evan, aka the granola man.  You can find Evan roaming the village several days a week carrying his box and bags of homemade, healthy, all-natural granola products for sale.

My super picky eater, Mitch, has literally gone days with his only solid food being Evan’s granola bars.  He has loose granola for cereal and to sprinkle on yogurt as well as individually wrapped bars.  Flavors include Almond, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Mitch’s favorite: Chocolate Chip.

Sweetened with honey instead of sugar these tiny bars are dense, wholesome, and surprisingly filling!  I don’t so much mind that Mitch might eat 8 a day (and nothing else).

Another treat you might find around town– or should I say the treat might find YOU– is a donut from Ms. Rayna (Raina? I’m not sure about the spelling) the “Donut Lady.” 

These are not particularly healthy (it’s fried dough, cinnamon and sugar) but they are homemade and delicious.  Donut lady donuts are unsurprisingly one of Mitch’s approved foods, as they contain no fruit, vegetable or protein- just simple carbohydrates.

Evan and Rayna are just 2 of the consistent vendors in Placencia but there is a plethora of food that can come to you: freshly harvested and roasted cashews, tamales kept hot and bound in banana leaves, entrepreneurial kids pedaling their mom’s homemade coconut fudge.  Keep your eyes open and your stomach can stay full.

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