Entertaining kids in Placencia without breaking the bank

If you liked the last post (free and cheap things to do on CC) then you’re going to love this post- free or cheap things to do in Placencia!

There’s no shortage of awesome tour and activity options from Placencia that are kid friendly- snorkeling, zip lining, horseback riding, Monkey River, banana or spice farm, intro to scuba, river tubing… you get the idea.  But these tours can begin to put an ache on your wallet.  What would I recommend for cheap thrills around the village?  Plenty!  I’ve made a veritable sport out of killing time with my kid without spending a dime.

How about a good old-fashioned beach day?  Head down to the point and swim where the local kids do.  We love it here because it’s almost always calm and clean, protected from sea currents and that occasionally pesky sargassum grass that can plague most beaches.

Placencia Pro Tip- look carefully along the pilings of the municipal dock and among the roots of the mangroves directly behind J-Bryd’s bar to try and spot seahorses.  They’re small and elusive so it takes a bit of a keen eye.


You can rent some non-motorized water sports equipment from Simon at Placencia Water Sports (on the beach next to Tipsy Tuna) for cheap.  For an even cheaper deal on kayak rentals try Paradise Resort; I like the launch point better too, you can easily go out in to the harbor and circle Placencia Caye in an hour or less.

 Take a walk along the lagoon canal to Sunset Pointe and “hunt” for sea stars- strictly catch and release!!!!  You can sometimes get lucky and see a stingray or two.

A MUST HAVE treat in the village is Tutti-Frutti gelato and at $4 a scoop it’s a budget friendly splurge

Check the Families on the Placencia Peninsula page on Facebook to see if there’s any free kids’ classes going on at the community center.  EX: preschool tumblers class followed by gymnastics and dance for the older kids

Something we do at least once a week: bike up to Turtle Inn with a banana to feed to the turtles.

Placencia Pro Tip- Turtle Inn does a 2 for 1 pizza night on Sundays

And if you get tired of entertaining your kid (over school holidays and summer) then drop them at Peninsula Art Camp for the day, hooray! 

What are some of your favorite free or cheap things to do around Placencia with kids?

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