Exploring Caye Caulker from end to end

We had taken a day trip to Caye Caulker a year ago, so we had a general idea of what the island was like. But this time we were staying for three nights,  so we had a lot more time to explore this laid-back island.

Caulker go slow- Real Life Recess

Caye Caulker Pride- Real Life Recess

Our lodging at Costa Maya Beach Cabanas offered free use of their bikes, so on our last full day on the island we took a leisurely ride around the island. The island is small so its easily explored on bike or foot and there’s lots to see if you venture off the main “road”.

We headed down into town from our cabana. Once the main road ends you can take a little side path down to the beach.

beach path caye caulker -Real Life Recess

We rode along the beach for a little while before taking a break to watch some locals doing some early morning fishing.

caulker fishing dock - Real Life Recess

After riding past some small resorts on the beach you reach the bike path and its smooth riding…at least for a few minutes.

Caulker bike path - Real Life Recess

Had to cross over a rickety bridge…

Caulker bike bridge - Real Life Recess

And came to a fork in the road. Not wanting to potentially trespass on someone’s private property we opted for the public access trail.

Caulker public vs private road- Real Life Recess

But we soon realized the public access trail was ridiculously muddy…not passable by bike.

Caulker muddy bike path- Real Life Recess

We thought our exploration was over and we started to turn around, but a local on a bike saw us and motioned for us to follow him down the private path.

Caulker bike tour guide- Real Life Recess

So we followed him for a bit. We still had to maneuver around some water though.

water blocking our path- Real Life Recess

Eventually we came out by the airport runway.

Caulker airport runway- Real Life Recess

From here we rode around the back of the island and checked out the cool houses.

Caulker octagon house- Real Life Recess

Caye Caulker homes 1- Real Life Recess

Caye Caulker houses 2 - Rea;l Life Recess

Rode past the school…

Caye Caulker school- Real Life Recess

Saw beer being delivered throughout the island via a tractor…

Caulker beer delivery- Real Life Recess

Came upon a bakery…

Caye Caulker Bakery- Real Life Recess

Bought a few sweets…

Caye Caulker Bakery - Real Life Recess


Stopped for a coffee…I think it may have been too early for tacos.

Caulker coffee- Real Life Recess

Then headed back up the main road towards our cabana.

Caye Caulker beach road - Real Life Recess

A leisurely laid-back ride on a laid-back island.



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  • Fab – brings back so many memories! We visited Belize, including Caye Caulker, when we were living in Jamaica, back in the early 2000’s. It is still one of my favourite places in the world (even though the weather wasn’t too kid to us during our visit). I am forever recommending Belize as a holiday destination to people although to be fair it isn’t that easy to get to from Europe. Good luck with your move!

    • Thanks for reading! Yes, I agree, Belize is a fantastic holiday destination. And Caulker’s laid-back charm really appeals to us.

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