Fashion Finds- Secondhand Clothes Treasure Hunt

Placencia doesn’t have a Rodeo Drive… shocking, I know!  We take casual to a new level.  “Barefoot Perfect” is a phase that’s been coined to describe this laid-back, no-judgement, beachy hamlet.  No shirt, no shoes, no problem.  Besides some see-and-be-seen events (Mistletoe Ball, Easter, Full Moon Parties), no one really fusses with fashion all that much.  But what do you do when you wear through your shorts and tee shirts?  Hit up Humana!

I love a good rummage!  Always have.  I find it cathartic to swipe through a clearance rack end to end and even before moving to Belize I was no stranger to Thrift Shops.  Here in Belize we get loads of clothing shops that sell secondhand items from the US.  They seem to get a random bundle of Salvation Army cast offs- a total mixed bag of items: active wear, golf shirts, moo-moos, bath mats, parkas, bathing suits, khakis and cargo pants.  My favorite shop is Humana, with locations nationally, the Placencia shop is on the road across from Brewed Awakenings.  Every 2 weeks or so they get “new stock” and items are typically priced $6-10 bzd.  Then every day they drop the prices by 10% until all the items are $2 each… then the next day, $1 each!

Look, I don’t need ANY more clothes BUT for one Belize dollar- I at least have to have a look right?  This shipment of stock must have come from the North East because look at these treasures I found!  Making me nostalgic for Philadelphia and giving me a hardcore craving for a cold Yuengling Light.

A Wawa tee too!  If you don’t know about Wawa, bruh! I feel sorry for you.  When we go back to New Jersey, PA and Delaware to visit family, Wawa is our FIRST stop when we leave the airport.

So for $4 bzd (2 us dollars) I got the Paddy’s Pub shirt for Phil, who is a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I got him the Yuengling tee too and I’ll just cut the sleeves off for him.  I got myself a little shirt for these cooler December days when it’s a bit chilly for my typical tank top.  Very excited to score a new (to you) white polo shirt for Mitch to wear for school.  Standard uniform shirt for PIA and PAC but 5-year-old boys are tough on clothes; all his current white shirts are sporting a mélange of stains.

What a thrilling morning! I’m sure after I post this, Placencia will quickly become a retail mecca- people from far and wide will be traveling here like Mall of America or the Outlet towns.

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