Our first Placencia Lobsterfest!

Miss Deb's Lobter Roll Real Life Recess

There are a few Lobsterfests around Belize. Placencia’s Lobsterfest Weekend was June 23rd-25th and some people have said it’s the best one. The tents went up, the tables and chairs were delivered and our excitement was palpable- our first festival in Belize!

Placencia Lobsterfest Welcome Sign Real Life Recess

There was so much to see, do, and eat this weekend! Most of the restaurants had special dinners and others had booths set up on the beach offering various lobster dishes as well as other local fare. Below is just a sampling of what was offered.

Dawns Grill Lobsterfest Menu Real Life Recess

Di Lobsta Trap Menu Lobsterfest Real Life Recess

Cher's Lobsterfest Menu Real Life Recess

Big Deck's Lobsterfest Sausage Real Life Recess

Wendy's Lobsterfest Menu Real Life Recess

Tipsy Tuna Lobsterfest Menu Real Life Recess

The Galley Lobsterfest Menu Real Life Recess

The Vineyard Lobsterfest Menu Real Life Recess

Miss Deb's Lobsterfest Menu Real Life Recess

There were contests: beer drinking, rum punch making, watermelon eating, and a fishing tournament.

Watermelon eating contest Real Life Recesss

The Rotary Club of Placencia also put on a rubber ducky race to raise money for the various causes that they support on the Peninsula.

Placencia Rotary Duck Race Real Life Recess

Bull riding and a make-shift trampoline were available to keep the little kids happy.

Kids Bull Riding Lobsterfest Real Life Recess

Lobsterfest trampoline Real Life Recess

There were also raffle tickets being sold for some serious prizes, such as round trip airfare to the U.S. plus cash, as well as smaller prizes like gift certificates to local restaurants, overnight stays at local resorts, and tour excursions. SPOILER ALERT! I won an overnight stay at Millers Landing Resort and a $25 gift certificate to Miss Deb’s Food Truck! Not bad for $10USD worth of tickets.

Unfortunately Mitch’s midday nap schedule prevented us from attending some of the scheduled events but we made up for it by eating more lobster and drinking more rum later in the day.

Mitch Ice eating at Lobsterfest Real Life Recess

Mitch with Lynn Real Life Recess

Festivities were held on the large open beach next to the Tipsy Tuna. The music was loud and the beer and rum were flowing.

Besides Miss Deb’s Lobster Roll pictured at the top of the page, some of the other lobster items that we ate over the weekend are seen below.

Cheri's Coconut Lobster Real Life Recess

Coconut Lobster with Rice, Beans, and coleslaw


Wendy's lobster quesadilla Real Life Recess

Lobster Quesadilla


Tipsy Tuna Lobster Cheese Sandwich Real Life Recess

Cheese Lobster Sandwich with Avocado Aioli


Daawn's Lobster Tacos Real Life Recess

Lobster Tacos

Dawns Lobster Fajita Real Life Recess

Lobster Fajitas


Vineyard lobster sliders Real Life Recess

Lobster Bacon Sliders


Miss Deb's lobster fritters Real Life Recess

Lobster Fritters

And there were plenty of desserts as well. One of the many desserts that Phil splurged on was this nice sized piece of coconut cake.

Merl's coconut cake Real Life Recess

So our first Placencia Lobsterfest was certainly satisfying. Maybe next year we’ll try to make it to San Pedro’s Lobsterfest!


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