Flights and Bites- Indulge in Placencia

In Belize you can’t go wrong with rum punch and a rice and beans, or Belikin and a burrito.  Local food and beverages abound, are affordable, and almost always hit the spot.  But SOMETIMES you need to indulge in something different- something fanciful like wine and cheese!  I highly recommend hitting Duty Free in the airport as you begin your Belize adventure (wine and imported liquor are outrageously priced once you’re in the country; if you want to enjoy anything other than local rum and beer while on vacation take advantage of Duty Free!) but if you find yourself craving a nice glass of Pinot in Placencia look no further than The Little Wine Bar.

Jana at the Little Wine Bar serves up imported wine paired with local meats and cheeses in a cozy and kitschy little venue.  She recently partnered with the Placencia Beach Club (you may remember I’ve posted about them before) to host a very special wine tasting evening.  Why was it so special?  Because it featured a special guest: Belize-born wine maker, Joseph Smith!

This special Flights and Bites night offered six of Joseph’s wines thoughtfully paired with small plates of complimentary flavors.

It was so nice to listen to Joseph talk about his journey from ordinary Belizean boy to award winning, Californian wine maker.  He learned the industry from the ground (literally the ground- soil under his fingernails from working the vineyards) up and has a passion for bringing an appreciation for fine wine back to his native Belize.

We luxuriated in three whites, three reds, and nibbles from cheese to chocolates.  It was a delightful affair and I recommend keeping an eye open for the next one.  Great for date night or group gatherings.  Cheers!

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