Flying high at Mayan Sky

Our little man, Mitch, wanted desperately to go zip lining for his 4th birthday.  The adrenaline junky in him got his first taste of zip lining at Hopkins’ MangoFest where the guys from Mayflower Bocawina Park had a kids discover zip, two-line set up.

The kids got geared up.  How cute!

And did their two runs down the zip lines.  This is a highlight at MangoFest and a great way for beginners to experience zip lining for the first time.

So, for his 4th birthday treat Mitch joined some friends at Mayan Sky Canopy Tours for a proper zip line excursion. Mayan Sky and their staff are very accommodating to families and first timers.  The course is 7 lines long and crisscrosses through lush jungle over a beautiful river.  Safety is taken seriously and firstly we had to gear up.

After a brief tutorial and much fretting on the mothers’ part about the distribution of children to guides we got hooked up.

And off we went over gorgeous natural scenery that breezed past underneath and all around you.  You were really able to appreciate the beauty of the forest when you stopped at a platform to hook on the next line.

Young and old will find this particular zip line course achievable as there is no climbing and very minimal hiking required.  (we had preschoolers and grandparents in our group and no soldier was left behind)

They also have river tubing on site: in that river the zip lines navigate above!

The tubing takes about an hour and begins with a few decent rapid runs then mellows out to a lazy float in which you can enjoy the lush vegetation and nature sounds all around.  Mitch did not want to join his friends on this as he had done it before and NOT been a fan… not Mayan Sky’s fault, Mitch is just a real sore sport about getting his ears wet. #mitchplease

If you’re looking for adventure-lite activities easily assessable from the peninsula (they’re the closest option to Placencia being minutes from the Southern Highway junction at the top of the peninsula) then check out Mayan Sky.  There’s also a great waterfall with picnic area you can drive right up to (no hiking required) and they’re adding horseback riding this year.

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