Getting back to normal/ new normal in Belize

I’m feeling very optimistic this week as life in Belize is beginning to get back to normal… or rather the new normal.  The State of Emergency that began April 1st with the closure of our borders and strict shelter-in-place regulations ended on June 30th and signaled an end to restrictions like curfews and group gatherings. 

This means we’re enjoying meeting up with friends for beach days or happy hours again.  It also means Mitch could attend a little sports camp this week!  Organized by Mr Cal, a teacher at PIA, and right around the corner from us on Harbor Place South.  Look at these happy campers!  Grateful to be with their friends.  The location is awfully nice too- great breeze and look at that view!

We’re also working diligently to be ready for the August 15th re-opening of the Philip SW Goldson International Airport.  The Government of Belize, Ministry of Health, Tourism Board and so many others have done their very best to strategize and devise industry and countrywide safety protocols for the re-opening of our borders and tourist economy.

In this initial phase, guests will not be permitted to roam freely or mix with the general population; they’ll be staying within larger resorts and only going on private tours with approved operators.  There are loads of new health and safety protocols and this initial ripple of visitors will test the new Gold Standard of operations.  Driftwood Gardens, our guesthouse in Placencia village, won’t qualify for this very first stage but we’re putting in place all the Gold protocols now so that we’ll be ready to welcome visitors back the moment the government gives the go-ahead.

The remodeling of our 1 bedroom on the ground floor will be finished soon.  We were delayed during lockdown as materials were difficult to procure during the SOE.  I can’t wait to get in there, get it spotlessly tidy, and decorate! 

I repainted this old sign- not bad eh?
nothing says “normal” like a night out with friends- cheese at The Little Wine Bar

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