Hall-O-Well, that was disappointing

Does Belize even celebrate Halloween? Belize isn’t big on Halloween but with the ever increasing North American influence, the pagan holiday of costumes and candy has gained some traction over the years- mostly in tourist towns like San Pedro and Caye Caulker. Many adults that grew up on the mainland can’t remember ever celebrating Halloween as a child but it’s become fairly common for communities now to organize something.

Placencia usually has a kids’ costume parade from the Point (the Municipal Pier) up the street and then over to Tipsy Tuna beach bar. At Tipsy, organizers give prizes for creative costumes and every child gets a few treats. After the contests the kids would be set loose to trick or treat but it’s not the American version of going door to door to people’s homes; in Placencia a few businesses and mostly the grocery stores will hand out candy to kids. You wouldn’t impose at someone’s residence unless you knew them well and they’d told you ahead of time they procured candy and would like to see you.

We all know by now that 2020 is not a usual year and yes- Halloween celebrations have been canceled this year just as September celebrations were canceled, and Lobsterfests were canceled, and Easter celebrations before that. Even private parties are banned, the current SI stating that you are not to have social gatherings with people outside your immediate household.

So how did Mitch celebrate this year? He dressed up for school and roasted marshmallows on a hibachi.

We biked up to Inky’s mini golf (it’s really not too far remember I wrote about doing it before?)for their re-opening/ Halloween event that would have been way better attended and a lot more fun without current restrictions in place (reservations required, limited spaces available, distance throughout the course maintained made me envision long times and lots of waiting around). We got there early and enjoyed the decorations then jammed out before the reservations started showing up for their appointed times.

And we went Trick or Treating… we took him around to all the grocery stores in his costume and let him buy a snack in each shop.

A happy enough Halloween, all things considered… and there’s always next year right?

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