Hey look! A lemon!

Wow what a week here in Placencia Village. It felt like an early Christmas with small miracles and wonders. I found lemons at the vegetable stand!

You think that’s not a small miracle?! Well I’ll tell you it’s the first proper lemon I’ve ever seen in Belize… and trust me they’re as rare as unicorns. It was delightful with dill on some Basa fish fillets. Don’t get me wrong, I love the limes. But sometimes when life hands you a lemon you celebrate and savor that little yellow jewel.

Another Hallelujah moment was the re-opening of Tutti Frutti Gelato Shop. Arguably the most established and famously sought-after treat in the area, Tutti Frutti has been wow-ing locals and tourists alike with their constantly rotating flavors of gelato. They utilize the best and freshest ingredients available. They’re experts at their craft. And they keep their prices affordable for everyone making it not just a hot spot for tourists after dinner at Rumfish but also the busiest place on the peninsula when school lets out.

The proprietors close down once a year to spend some time in their native Italy and it’s always a sad month or so of deprivation for us here in the village as we anxiously await their return. This year their closure was extended as they were moving locations- from the ChaChi’s complex to the newly remodeled complex next to Wallen’s. But finally this week, our looooonnnggg gelato drought ended and they opened their new doors to us and we were greeted with a full freezer of the best ice-cream available in Belize (sorry Western Dairies, you aren’t even close).

If you visit Placencia you MUST indulge at least once with a scoop of Tutti Frutti but be warned: you’ll probably be back for seconds… and thirds…

Even Ms Raina, AKA “the donut lady” can’t resist the allure of a delicious gelato on a hot afternooon

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