Hobbs releases a new brew and we get a “cold” front

Friday night Hobbs Brewing Company released their latest brew at a launch party held at Barefoot Beach Bar. Hobbs is currently the only craft brewery in Belize and debuted early in 2019 with two beers: the Hummingbird Golden Ale and the Wildcat IPA

What beautiful cans AND they’re 12 ounces not the puny 9 ounces a Belikin is bringing to the table. I was never an IPA person but I totally enjoy a Wildcat on occasion simply because it’s so different than anything Belikin is offering. Back in New Jersey we were spoiled with choices- it seemed like there was a microbrewery on every street corner. In Placencia your choices are pretty much limited to bottles of Belikin, Landshark, or Red Stripe. Draft is a rare treat.

Hobbs could easily price premium their product but they keep it fun and affordable. The Hummingbird retails for $6 bzd, the Wildcat $6.50 and for the new launch of the Blue Marlin Coffee Stout they offered a special introductory price- $4 a can!  (The proceeds of the night being donated to Village Council- likely to be used for the on-going mosquito spraying we are still needing to keep the community comfortable and healthy.  Those little biting buggers are out of control this year!)

The verdict is in: another winner! Best brew for “Belizean winter” and timed so perfectly with our first “cold front” of the season. People were going crazy on Facebook saying we were getting weather in the 70s (parka weather for locals) and when I woke on Saturday I enjoyed a slightly less sweaty morning run but we were far from “cold.” More #fakenews ?!? We spent most the day in and around the pool, what gives? Then this morning! Break out the one long sleeve shirt you still own!

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