Home Sweet Home- Our First Place in Belize

Boat on Lagoon Real Life Recess

Our rental house here in Placencia is perfectly situated in the middle of the village (north to south) and back on the lagoon. It’s at the end of a quiet residential “block” (really a dirt, gravel road), but directly across from Dawns’ restaurant on the main road.

It’s an up/ down duplex and we have the bottom floor.

Blue Lagoon House Real Life Recess

The yard has a big laundry line which comes in handy because we do a LOT of laundry here! Like I don’t even understand how we make so much laundry when we’re wearing so little. And speaking of laundry- the washer is outside. That is apparently pretty common here but a novel idea to us.

Outdoor Washer Real Life Recess

This is our front yard…right on the lagoon. Haven’t seen any crocodiles yet, just a lot of visiting dogs.

Front yard Blue Lagoon House Real Life Recess


We have two small bedrooms and a better kitchen than I expected.

Blue Lagoon House Kitchen Real Life Recess

The oven/stove are gas but not like back home…an outdoor butane tank supplies our stove and oven and we use a lighter to ignite the burners each time we want to cook.

Butane tank stove Real Life Recess

We don’t have a tub here so we had to improvise Mitch’s bath time.

Mitch Bubble Bath Real Life Recess

Mitch bathing in tub Real Life Recess

And of course, you can’t flush paper. And spare toilet paper is kept in the coffee canister.

Toilet Paper Rules Real Life Recess

So that’s our little house; certainly not fancy but it does the job and at under $900 USD a month (utilities included) the price is right… and you can’t beat the outdoor living space.

Porch View Real Life Recess

Front Yard View Real Life Recess


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