Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog. I’m Megan and my husband is Phil.


We’re really a very average (read: boring?) couple. Phil is a physical therapist and gym rat; he even did some body building competitions a few years ago. Phil BB

I’m an office manager for a group of radio stations now but I used to work in social services.

Receiving my "Lizzie"  You get this for 5 years of service at Covenant House (a homeless shelter for kids 18-21 years old)

Receiving my “Lizzie” You get this for 5 years of service at Covenant House (a homeless shelter for kids 18-21 years old)


Phil being a good husband and assisting me with a radio promo




We met years ago when I was still in college- we dated, we moved in together, and we eventually got married. Pretty standard stuff. We have a lot of the things you’d expect an American couple in their 30s to have; we have college degrees (and the debt that usually goes with them), jobs, health insurance, car payments, a cat, a mortgage, gym memberships, closets brimming with clothes and shoes for all types of weather, and a freezer full of Lean Cuisines.

awww, we're married

awww, we’re married

It’s a pretty good life if I’m being honest but we also have a burning desire to leave these things behind and build new lives in a different country. We want to do it over, and do it different. We want less stuff, more time, and richer experiences. Phil wants to spend more time on the beach than in an office. I want to grow some of our own food, raise chickens, and homeschool our potential children. At this point you might be thinking we’re some sort of tree-hugging granola-crunching hippies with heads full of dreams instead of brains. Well, I promise we are NOT. We don’t buy organic veggies or hormone free meat, we’re not impulsive or reckless with money, and we’re ::gasp:: republicans. But we do want to live more simply and get a lot more basic. Keep reading this blog to see how we change our ideals, shift our priorities, break old habits, learn new skills, sell off our old lives and settle in to new ones.

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never met a vacation she didn't like. Megan is a self-centered, snarky, unambitious derelict... like most of her peers.

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