Island hopping off the coast of Placencia

stunning blues off the tiny island of King Lewey's resort in southern Belize

We have some spectacular islands close to Placencia that make for dazzling day trips.  Earlier this week we joined some friends on an island-hopping excursion and it was simply a perfect day.

day trippers on King Lewey Island dock over crystal clear carribean water

We started off with a visit to MY favorite caye- Moho.  It’s basically undeveloped but has an abundance of picnic tables, hammocks, BBQ areas, and a bathroom.  You can make arrangements to camp overnight but it’s almost exclusively a laid-back day tripper’s paradise.  Calm and clean turquoise waters surround white sand, palm trees, and not much else… perfection!  The kids enjoyed some hermit crab hunting and I did some beachcombing before Rosa (nanny extraordinaire, reach out if you need a reference for excellent child care) and I tried to make our own cool and cute Instagram-inspired photos… I don’t think we’re going viral

Then we were off to the pirate-themed island that is a kid favorite, King Leweys.  Each time we get out here they seem to have added something new!

Games galore: a couple mini golf putting greens, giant Connect Four, Ladder Ball, huge Chess board and a proper playground.

The real show-stoppers are the over water trampoline and the big floating mat that is in a secured area containing nurse sharks.  The kids played a game of don’t-fall-off-or-you’ll-get-eaten-by-the-sharks.  Though nurse sharks are very safe and docile creatures, the kids liked to pretend this added an element of danger to their play.  I’m surprised they didn’t think of “walking the plank” on this pirate’s island.

aquatic fun at King Lewey's island in Belize

If you didn’t bring or catch your own lunch for Moho Caye, no worries- over here at King Lewey’s there’s a full-service bar and restaurant.

The waters around both islands are perfect for snorkeling and you’ll find a healthy array of corals, fish, sea fans, and conch.   

Belize just continues to impress me with its beauty but as they say- it’s just another day in paradise.

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