Keeping a Kid Busy in Belize

Living in paradise has its perks… beach days in February?  Yes please!  But my pale little man, Mitch, can only put up with so many hours at the seaside before he gets burnt and bored.  His temperament is already so mercurial and if he becomes even a little bit uncomfortable or unsatisfied you might be in for a volatile tantrum.  Hooray 4-year-olds!  So, we stay busy at keeping busy (lest he turn his tiny rage upon us full wrath).  Weekends are the worst; without the structure and reprieve of school we are under tremendous pressure to provide…activities.  We have many talents but we’re no good at entertaining children.  But, as the mantra goes, try your best. 

Last weekend Phil needed to catch up on his computer work (or so he says) so I took Mitch out for the day and: did my best!  We rode our bike up to Inky’s 19th Hole restaurant and mini golf.  It wasn’t an easy ride; Mitch doesn’t actually help pedal so it’s a fairly decent workout but we made it there in just about 30 minutes. Not too bad!  We “played” a “round” of mini golf and got ice cream (they carry Tuti Fruti!) before heading out.

On the way back to the village we stopped in to see our friend Zun and her cool new cabanas just next to Sirenian Bay.  How fun are these 3 one-bedroom cabanas with lofts and screened porches?!? Love them!  Mitch enjoyed the ladder and loft so much he requested to have his birthday party there!

We bid Zun farewell and continued our ride home.  We popped in on another friend in Siene Bight quickly then continued on.  By this point, it was HOT and I was getting a bit weak from pedaling for two.  We stopped in to the new Hobbs Brewery tasting room to cool off in the air conditioning and fortify ourselves with a refreshment.  Beer for mom and Cheetos for Mitch.

It was a nice little pit stop that even a 4-year-old could enjoy (albeit briefly).  There’s a video playing to educate you on how their beers are made and you can view the tanks and equipment that are part of the process.  They have a little gift shop with tee-shirts and baseball caps and for some reason- fine cigars.

Mini golf, friendly visits, and a tour of Belize’s only craft brewery- all by bike from Placencia!

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