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It’s FALL!  Ahhhh, autumn in the Caribbean.  It doesn’t have quite the same feel as it did when I was growing up in Pennsylvania and spending weekends in our cabin “up the Poconos.”  Brisk and crisp air scented with wood smoke and forest decomp.  Pumpkin patches and apple pie.  An excitement permeated the shortening days; animals hustling to prepare for winter and kids busily made plans for Halloween.

From Pennsylvania to Placencia, we’re feeling the excitement too.  This week I really took notice of the uptick in business around the peninsula.  Belize has only recently re-opened to foreign guests and has JUST dropped their very restrictive closed-loop tourism policies to allow a near-normal travel experience.  Lots of shops and restaurants are re-opening as well and there are a ton of new families that have just moved in!  While our neighbors to the far north are drinking their ciders and pumpkin beers and readying for winter, we here in Belize are enthusiastically preparing for season.

We’ve already had our first ‘cold front’ when 4 days of rain blew in a refreshing temperature that had locals pulling out their jackets (it was still 80 degrees guys).  Clives, my favorite vegetable stand, got in some imported pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

All we are missing is the iconic fall foliage (and pumpkin beers, still no pumpkin beers to be had here).  I realize it is far from the conventional leaf peeping people do in New England, but after all the rain last week- everything is so lush!  Here’s some lovely leaf pictures from around Placencia and I didn’t need to wear a scarf to collect them.

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