Life in the slow lane

As we all anxiously await the reopening of the International Airport and the return of tourism, albeit a very limited and restricted tourism, life on the Placencia Peninsula has been slow. A down right sedate September is coming to a close. This month typically would have been filled with celebrations and parades and dancing in the streets (read about September celebrations past here). Sadly, the “event” I got most excited over this particular, peculiar September was a yard sale this morning.

I was going about my new normal business of chores and Facebook scrolling when I saw a post about a yard sale down the road. As guesthouse owners, we’re always replacing little items like wine glasses– if you don’t break at least one glass maybe you didn’t have that great of a vacation. The sale post said restaurant equipment so we thought it was worth a peek. After I finished up de-scaling my salt cell for the pool we pedaled down to take a look and say hello to what appeared to be a quarter he village milling around the offerings.

I didn’t get any wine glasses but I did score a bunch of other glasses like these 1 Barrel Rum rocks glasses, and heavy duty Belikin mugs. How cute!

I got all this miscellaneous kitchen stuff for $32 bzd but what I got really really excited over… Like September Celebration/ dance in the streets excited over… is this little painting of a tobacco farmer smoking a stogie in his field. It was $5 bzd!!!!!

Don’t you just LOVE him?!? I also love the simple way the canvas is stretched over the plain frame with fringe peeking out behind. FIVE BELIZE DOLLARS you guys!!!! Deal of the day, bargain of the century! I’m flying to high right now; I feel so alive!

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