Little dipper on the Big Sipper- How we spent 4th of July in Belize

Big Sipper boat in Placencia Belize realliferecess

No fireworks this year as the borders are still closed and there are nearly no North American tourists to cater to but we enjoyed a short and splendid cruise around the Placencia lagoon aboard the Big Sipper on the Fourth of July.

view from the Big Sipper booze cruise barge of the Placencia Peninsula

Like a double decker baby barge with a bar!  The Big Sipper provides sizeable excitement and fills a niche that the South Jersey girl in me notices each ‘summer’- Booze Cruise!  Maybe it’s a “Shore” thing but in New Jersey we’d go on a booze cruise at least twice a summer.  The radio stations I used to work for organized a bunch or my sports leagues put them together as a fundraiser or just to have a good time.  If you’ve never been on a booze cruise it’s quite simple: a captain pilots you around the bay for a few hours, a DJ plays music, and drinks are consumers.  Blam! It’s marvelous.

We took one of the mid-day cruises so it was rather sedate, family friendly and uncrowded.  The sunset and later party trips I’m sure had the barge rocking but we were quite happy to take our little guy on the earlier jaunt.  He still turned it out on the dance floor.

Here are some sights we saw along our voyage.   

The Big Sipper delivered on a junketing journey for young and old and made me nostalgic for 103.7 WMGM Rocks booze cruises in Sea Isle City on the Starfish

Here is a video of our cruise coming in to the Point, popular swimming area down by the Municipal Pier.

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