Little Harvest Caye: Private Island Escape

Little Harvest Caye a private island vacation in Belize

While the tourists are away, the ladies will play!  How lucky was I to get an invite to Little Harvest Caye this weekend?!  It’s the last weekend before Belize re-opens its international airport after 6 months of closure.  For a tourism-driven economy, this has been devastating for countless small businesses and the people they employ.  A band-aid solution was to promote domestic tourism in the interim and while its helped marginally to inject some cash flow back in to the wounded hospitality industry, what it’s mostly accomplished is given the local people a chance to experience the beauty and luxury of their country as an outsider would.  I couldn’t scroll Facebook without being enticed by some new advertisement of an unheard-of deal for a local getaway.  We’ve taken advantage as much as we could (see my post on Banana Bank Lodge and on Ray Caye resort) and with little time left before the soft return of international tourists, I just couldn’t miss this opportunity!

Barely more than a stone’s throw from Placencia Pointe, Little Harvest Caye gives visitors both the exclusivity of a private island retreat AND the easy opportunity to mix in with village life and explore mainland Belize.  5 luxury cottages surround a small courtyard on one side and face unobstructed sea views on the other side.  There’s a huge, open-air entertainment area with space to lounge and games to play and a kitchen for your personal chef to whip up decadent and delightful meals for you and your companions.  The Thrillist video of this island went viral awhile back and my friends and family were sharing it to social media and I was like, “ hey, I can see this place from my house.”

I never thought I’d have the opportunity to spend a night out here but I have some pretty cool friends with really cool connections- party!

There’s a pool and lounge area that are perfectly oriented to watch the sunset from.  The island has an impressive solar power set-up to keep your room comfortably air conditioned.  All the bathroom rooms are open air, giving you a tropical breezeway feel.  The cabana I shared with my friend Anneliese had 2 showers and a soaking tub- what opulence! 

If you want to live like a rock star for a week in Belize, talk some friends in to sharing this private island with you.  I can imagine it would be a spectacular setting for a family reunion too.  The place is rented as a whole, not individual cabanas, and you choose your menu ahead of time to have your chef stock your pantry items.  The food we had was incredible and we weren’t even “real” guests!  Imagine the delectable offerings they must roll out for actual paying customers!

Here’s their website: and here’s the website for the other properties in their portfolio:

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