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blue water sailing- ladies night sunset booze cruise

Ahhhhh, this is the life!  In Belize time doesn’t march on, it moves to the rhythm of a gently swaying hammock or the soft bobbing of a catamaran over a placid sea.  In Belize food is not just fuel, it is a carefully curated feast for the senses.  In Belize life isn’t just lived, it’s celebrated with sunset toasts among friends.  This is how I live now; this is being as expat in Placencia.

Hah-ha!  Gotcha!  Pshhhh, puh-lease.  International Living and all the crafty real estate marketing material would have you believe this is what a typical day-in-the-life looks like.  A fancy fairytale version of an eternal vacation.  Well, most weeks my expat life is just endless laundry, housework, running errands, school and work and battling body odor.  But some weeks, some weeks I get fancy!  Like this week, I got the opportunity to inject a bit of glamour in to my expat life (between chores). 

A last-minute ‘Ladies Sunset Catamaran Cruise’ on a Tuesday just because?  Just because Hank and Island Time weren’t busy and we could rally a private party- YES!  Hank is one of my favorite captains and his boats, especially this one, are super safe and comfortable.

What about a private pool day and lunch at Itz’ana Resort just because your friend’s husband is the GM and they were between guests checking out and checking in.  I’ll just pretend this whole resort is for me! 

No, I don’t live this glamourous life of lunches and cocktail cruises all the time but I hope my Instagram leads you to believe that I do.  #donthatemecuzyouaintme #expatlife #livingthedream

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