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In my assessment it’s been a whirlwind of a week! Of course, you may not agree with my assessment because I’m used to a much slower pace than most other people but it seemed like we were going going going the past few days. I’m probably in need of a few lazy beach days and margaritas to recover- note to self to pencil that in to my calendar. And the beach has been gorgeous! Look how calm clean clear!

So, what have I been busy with you ask? Well for starters I took a 2-day course to become a Certified Pool Operator… yeah, I went to pool school! This isn’t a requirement for our guesthouse’s pool; there aren’t any hard and fast regulations on public (semi-public) pools in Belize as there are in a lot of other countries. But the opportunity to take this course presented its self at nearly the perfect time- just after our new pool’s construction was complete….and I didn’t know how to maintain it. As it turns out its WAY more complicated than just chlorine and pH. Alkalinity, saturation index, total dissolved solids! Whoa, this class likely saved us from making numerous and probably costly mistakes. It was an intense two days but made a bit sweeter with refreshments (cinnamon buns are the best study buddies)

I also attended a film screening hosted at Tipsy Tuna. The very night after “My Father Belize” debuted at the 14th Belize International Film Festival to much acclaim, they had a showing here in Placencia where the movie had been filmed a year ago. It was so cool seeing familiar places and faces in a movie set in Placencia and loosely based off a prominent local family’s Belizean-American cousin.

A synopsis of the film taken from the Belize International Film Festival’s Facebook Page:

A US born Belizean man travels to Belize Central America to scatter the ashes of his deceased father, only to discover that he himself conceived a son during a past visit to the country. He must now face his own conflicted feelings about fatherhood caused by the estranged relationship he had with the man who gave him life.

We both made this month’s edition of The Breeze, our local newspaper. They ran my story about the Volunteer Fire Department’s Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser. I hope it drums up excited for our next event- Floatchella 2 in January!

At our house we’re basically finished with all the additions and renovations we made this summer but we had been holding on to a certificate we’d won at the Rotary’s annual auction (for HS scholarships). We’d pledged the winning bid on 15 yards of river sand. I wasn’t entirely sure how much that was but I knew eventually my yard would need it as rainy season washes things away. We had a fairly dry rainy season. Well actually I should clarify that- we stayed dry most of the season only to make up for it in spades towards the end of season. We’ve been getting near-nightly deluges that’s left this peninsula fully saturated for weeks. This has really shined a spotlight on the low areas in the yard- and there were numerous. So, we cashed in that sand certificate and got a dump truck full of sand…that’s how much 15 yards is apparently: a full dump truck.

It took us and 2 neighbors (2 WAY too kind and helpful neighbors) a good 5 hours of HARD work to move that sand from the street in to and all around the yard. My muscles are still screaming from the workout but the results are worth it- we must have raised the yard 5 or 6 inches. I’m curious to see how long this lasts; I never expected to move to the beach and have to buy sand.

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