Merry and Bright at Mistletoe Ball

Everyone was sparkling and putting their best dress shoe forward at this year’s Mistletoe Ball, hosted by Sirenian Bay Resort (home of Inky’s mini golf and 19th Hole Bar and Restaurant).  It was the 20th annual Ball; Placencia Peninsula’s most glamorous gala, the fanciest function, the shiniest shindig!

cozy corner of Sirenian Bay Resort's reception
example of evening gown worn to the ball

Sirenian Bay did an outstanding job with the event and it’s even more impressive because they were an active construction zone the week leading up to the ball.  The festive occasion was nearly cancelled this year as the BTIA didn’t have a location to host it.  Brian Montgomery didn’t want to see that happen and agreed to throw the bash with just 9 days to prepare.  What they pulled off was top notch!

happy revelers posing for photo at BTIA's Mistletoe Ball

It was only my second Mistletoe and I was thoroughly impressed but when I spoke to others who have attended most of the 19 previous Balls, they all agreed that this was the best so far!  The location, the food, the service, the band, the bathrooms, the decorations: first-rate all the way.

mother and daughter posing for picture next to christmas tree

They presented a lovely sit-down meal.  Service was fast and efficient the food was delicious and hot.  This is a real feat- most dinners of this size would be buffet, cafeteria style called up in sections or the food would be cold and bland banquet fare.  We were very happy with our meal and the special touches that were added to make the soiree elegant for example the cloth napkins, real wine glasses, and fabric chair covers.

If we were dazzled by dinner then we were blown away by the bash on the beach side.  Plenty of space for dancing and mingling in the massive courtyard between villas, the pool lit up and sparkling under the stars. And the landscaping!  Wow- it looks like it’s all been there for years but I know for a fact they were trucking it all in just days ago.  I can’t fathom the amount of down-to-the-wire effort that went in to getting the property ready for the Ball but they seemed to have thought of everything: even putting bistro tables and chair BEHIND the stage so that people could rest and hold a conversation without being blasted out from the band.  Some clever decorator thought to float some present packages in the pools- how cute!

The bar kept up with the crowd’s demand and everyone was feeling festive.  With the holiday cheer free flowing we were very grateful for the Trolley they were running back to the village.  It wasn’t pulled by reindeer but it was driven by Santa!

Inky's trolley

From “almost cancelled” to “best ball to date”- Sirenian Bay and the BTIA pulled out all the stops to host a fancy and festive fete for the community that we won’t soon forget.  I sure hope they do it again next year!

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