Mini golf on the Placencia peninsula

It’s just like the Jersey Shore boardwalk!  Only, you know, in the tropics with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Mayan Mountain range looming over the lagoon side.  It’s the new Inky’s miniature golf course and the 19th Hole Bar and restaurant at Sirenian Bay Resort.

Sirenian Bay is a new luxury development in Surfside (just north of Siene Bight) on the Placencia Peninsula.  The owners are the same couple that bought our neighboring property, Captain Jaks, here in the village and their golf cart rental business (and the boats and the tour operator license holy moly!).  They’re pouring a tsunami of capital in to their Belize developments and it shows- things are not only getting done quickly they’re being done well.  So who are the moguls behind all this expansion?  They are Americans, Brian and Brenda Montgomery… you may know him as the Nice Entrepreneur.

Inky’s opened earlier this year and features a gift shop, a Tutti Frutti gelato freezer, full bar and restaurant!

Oh yeah, and 18 holes of proper mini golf!

mini golf at Sirenian Bay Resort on the Placencia Peninsula

The cost is $10 bzd for children and $15 bzd for adults.  They’ll be offering shuttle service to and from the village eventually on a super cool-looking trolley but they don’t have a schedule for it yet.  We certainly enjoyed our afternoon on the greens and I can’t wait to see how they do hosting this year’s Mistletoe Ball.  I’m guessing the decorations are going to be wonderful- just look at the spectacular tree they have up in the gift shop lobby.

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