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Pool Fun Maya Beach Hotel Real Life Recess

Placencia has a fair amount of families with young children; I’d guess percentage-wise, probably more so than Ambergris Caye.  Or at least it’s my impression that Placencia is more family friendly and San Pedro is more party people and empty nesters that prefer a more refined adult-only vibe. It’s one of the reasons we chose Placencia over the Cayes- we have a wonderful, active, welcoming community of moms and dads here.

I joined various “mom’s groups” on Facebook ahead of our move and instantly started low-key cyber stalking the girls on the Placencia page. They were always planning fun outings for the kids or scheduling educational classes. It’s mostly expats and there’s a mix of people who have been here for years and years (birthing new babies in Belize), new comers (like me), and people doing their research and planning phase. I loved that the group was helpful to newbies; giving advice on where and how to get supplies, recommendations for schools and babysitters, or just an open invite to meet up at the beach for some swimming and drinks.

So I made friends and it wasn’t nearly as hard as starting a new High School and picking a table in the cafeteria. One of the standing weekly meet-ups is Friday nights at Tipsy Tuna beach bar right on the sidewalk.

Mitch and the Tipsy Tuna Real Life Recess

There’s a free Zumba dance party which I hear is mostly for the kids but if the Belikins are flowing more adults than children get in on the action (I wouldn’t know because whenever we’re at Tipsy we have to focus all of our attention solely on keeping Mitch from falling off the sun deck, falling down stairs, destroying the pool tables, throwing sand on other diners and children, and really just escaping the property).


Mitch on roof of Tipsy Tuna Real Life Recess

Even though WE don’t get to enjoy ourselves at Tipsy we give it two thumbs up simply for the fact they have delicious boneless wings and half a dozen sauce choices and they’re only $1 bzd a piece during happy hour (daily 5-7) and all day on Wednesdays. One of the few foods Mitch will actually eat on a semi-consistent basis are their boneless wings naked (no sauce) so we go to Tipsy at least twice a week especially when we notice that he’s looking particularly scrawny.

Mitch eating wings Tipsy Tuna Real Life Recess

Another standing invitation to whoever wants to meet up is Saturday morning brunch at Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro. This requires leaving the village and heading north about 7 miles, but it’s simple enough to take the bus up and back for a few dollars or hitch a ride with a friend. Maya Bistro is a beautiful property right on the beach with a pool that is open to hotel guests AND bistro patrons.

Maya Beach Hotel Dock Real Life Recess

Maya Beach Hotel Pool Real Life Recess

It has a decadent menu and it’s a treat to indulge in one of their cinnamon buns (by itself or battered and griddled as French Toast) or duck hash with poached egg. Or be like Phil and sneak in some peanut brittle ice cream pie for an after breakfast snack. Everyone stuffs themselves while enjoying the beach and pool and sunshine.

Cinammon Roll French Toast Maya Beach Bistro Real Life Recess            Duck Sausage Hash Maya Beach Bistro Real Life Recess

Peanut Brittle Pie Maya Beach Bistro

One really cool outing that another mom planned was a kid-free (and spouse-free) hike at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.  It was such a treat to get off the peninsuala and be without children for a few hours. I’ll post all about that tomorrow. Wait until you see the pictures- rain forest! We also have some other fun grown-up activities on the calendar planned so stay tuned.

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