Our New Belizean House…and you can stay with us!!

Mitch iPad 3rd Floor Real Life Recess

So on June 28th we actually moved into our new house, Bamboo Gardens. It was exactly 4 weeks to the day from when we first saw the house. Pretty quick for sure.

Front View of House Real Life Recess

On that morning the utilities were switched into our names. This was done much differently than in the states. Phil and the seller Bob just walked 5 minutes north to the Electric and Water Companies.

BEL and BWS Real Life Recess

The companies share the same building and employees. Phil just showed his passport to open an account and then transferred each service into his name.  Like most houses in Placencia, our new house doesn’t really have an address; its just referred to as the house behind the deli.  And it just seems that everyone, or at least the people who work in the utilities business, all seem to know exactly where the house is.

See, there’s the top of our house, peaking out behind the deli.

Bamboo Gardens Behind the Deli Real Life Recess

Bob and Phil then walked 10 minutes in the other direction to the Sanitation department so he could set up the account for our twice weekly trash pick-up.  In and out in less than 5 minutes. An entrepreneur was out front selling both fresh and coconut water.

Placencia Sanitation Department Real Life Recess

After switching that account, they then headed over next door to BTL, one of the local internet providers and also one of the two cell phone providers in the country.

BTL Outdoors Real Life Recess

Phil  signed us up for DSL service, although it took just over two weeks before our service was actually installed.  First it was something about needing a part, and then a few days after that the explanation was that they needed to conduct a survey because there is a lot of congestion in the area. Finally Phil just stopped a BTL worker in the street and asked if we were on the schedule for today. The worker said he’d stop by later in the afternoon to check out the situation. He came, looked around, and said he’d be back in the morning to install it.  We’ve learned to be patient so we didn’t expect him to actually show up, but true to his word, he arrived early, and by the end of the day we had internet.  The connection is a little spotty and the speed varies for sure, but its passable for now.  And there’s lots of free wifi around the village…so we have options.

So Our New House!

The house is three floors. The first floor is a studio apartment with a nice patio.

Side View of Bamboo Gardens Real Life Recess

First Floor Grounds Real Life Recess

First Floor Patio Bamboo Gardens Real Life Recess

First Floor Studio Bamboo Gardens Real Life Recess

First Floor Stdio Bedroom Bamboo Gardens Real Life Recess

The second and third floors share basically the same floor plan. We are going to live on the third floor. The only difference between the floors is that the second floor has two bedrooms while the third floor is wide open. It doesn’t have the 4th wall to close off each bedroom. So in essence right now its just one very large open space.  Our first project, hopefully to be completed within the next week, is to add walls to give ourselves a legitimate two bedroom unit.

This is our kitchen on the third floor. Bigger than any kitchen we had in the states. More cabinet and storage space than we could possible fill.

3rd floor kitchen Real Life Recess

This is our front deck and the view of the pool from the deck

Mitch iPad time Real Life Recess


Pool View Bamboo Gardens Real Life Recess

So that’s it for photos right now; we’ll post some before and after pictures of our bedrooms, hopefully next week.

In the meantime, please check out the 2nd floor unit; it’s now listed on Airbnb and Booking.com!

Apologies in advance for the mediocre photos; we wanted to get it listed ASAP. We’ll update the photos as we spruce it up and do some better staging/decorating.

We’re pretty confident that we have long term tenants already lined up for the first floor so we aren’t going to list that unit yet, but our 2nd floor is available.

Come stay with us and see what Placencia is all about!!


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  • Looks fab Megan! Congrats to all! I will def come and visit….maybe sometime in 2018. My vacation time (and more, yikes!) already booked for this year. Going to Hawaii in Oct, and there’s my annual Nova Scotia trip next week. BUT as you know I’m an Island Girl and have not been to Belize yet! Seeing you all will be a good reason to come….and a new island experience! Big love to P & M. XO Jen

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