Notable Mentions for Family Fun in San Pedro

Traveling with a little person in tow can be challenging… they want to DO stuff all the time.  Sure I want to “do stuff” on vacation but you know what?  I also want to “do nothing!”  You can’t tell my little guy that what we’re “doing” today is laying around on the beach and reading a book; he will make a beautiful beach day miserable.  So after you’ve shelled out big bucks for snorkeling tours and what not, what else do you do in San Pedro with kids?

Check out the water park at Caribbean Villas hotel (south of town).  They have a little zipline over the sea, a floating obstacle course, and a tall slide that dumps you at the end of the dock called El Diablo

Across the main road from Caribbean Villas hotel is a new laser tag place, Camo Cantina.  This sounds great if you’re a family with older kids- the kids can play a round or two while the parents enjoy a beverage at the bar. 

Tuesday night you MUST do the hermit crab races at Crazy Canucks, but eat beforehand!  The races get packed and I couldn’t imagine trying to find seating and order food there during the games.  Fortuitously, Roadkill Bar is just across the street (don’t let the name scare you off) and Tuesday is taco night!  Roadkill does American fast food knock out fare- this is the closest you’ll get to McDonalds burgers… and fries come in those little paper pockets!  I realize this won’t impress holiday makers but for people who live in Belize it’s a real novelty.  They even have “kids meals” in paper sacks that include a toy.  On taco nights they make cute and crunchy Taco Bell style tacos; I could eat a dozen yum!

Another cheap evening with eats- Central Park.  The courtyard in town turns in to a food court when the sun goes down with vendors cooking up simple grab-and- go grub.  On any given night you’ll find hotdogs, burgers, and burritos.  If you’re lucky you might get decent BBQ and rice and beans.

The playground its self is nothing extraordinary but the location! Can you imagine a prettier place to plop down a swing set?

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