Off-season sale at Itz’ana- Wine in Belize

I love a good bargain.  And I love a good glass of wine.  Itz’ana, one of the premier luxury resorts and residences under construction on the peninsula, was advertising just that: a sale on their under-stock and odd bottles of fine wine.

Typically, in Belize I drink the local beer and rum; it’s both good and affordable.  I actually really enjoy the local rum, especially the coconut rum- sooooooo much nicer than that syrupy Malibu you think of in the States when someone says coconut rum.

Wine, like all the imported goods, in Belize is expensive and probably hasn’t been stored properly.  I’m no master sommelier, but even I know a bottle of Zinfandel shouldn’t sit in an un-airconditioned display window facing the afternoon’s Central American sun.  So wine is an infrequent and special treat.  Well, perhaps I should amend that: Good wine is and infrequent and special treat (I still drink the cooked swill from the supermarket more often than I’d like to admit).

For one day only Itz’ana was selling their properly stored and perfectly maintained wines, beginning at 10am.  So my friend Julia and I mounted up at 9:30 for the peaceful pedal up to the resort and we arrived first in line!

If Itz’ana looks and sounds familiar it’s because I’ve written about them here before

I scored an old favorite from the states: Kendall Jackson Chardonnay.  It reminds me of all my favorite restaurants back in New Jersey and of celebrating powder puff victories with my teammates at the local dive- every place in south Jersey stocked KJ.  I also got a Chianti I’d never seen before and a Gewurztraminer, which could be my very favorite varietal if done well.

What other grand exciting things are happening in Placencia at the moment?  Well not only did I score some great wines yesterday, but I found this incredible carrot at the veg stand today.  I feel on top of the world!  I know you’re all green with envy over my amazing luck and life.

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