Up and down the Placencia Peninsula

Pickled Parrot Placencia Village- Real Life Recess

We rented motorcycles from Alternate Adventures in Hopkins and took the easy ride down the Placencia Peninsula via the Southern Highway.


Pickled Parrot Placencia Village- Real Life Recess

Pickled Parrot Placencia Village- Real Life Recess

Beer for Phil, Soda water for me :(


We learned the nightclub, Street Feet, opened nearly a year now is doing a lively business. We also asked about the big construction happening just next door and learned it was going to be a mixed-use space of offices, maybe some residential units, and a bonafide movie theater- whoa! Eugene was nice enough to store our helmets for us so we could enjoy a walk around town unencumbered.

We had lunch at DeTatch, a place that was recommended to us last year but we didn’t get around to trying.

Detach Cafe Placencia Village- Real Life Recess

That’s only 6 USD!


The food was fine but the location is what really makes this place. Like all the beach bars in the village, DeTatch has wonderful views, a nice breeze, and a cool come-as-you-are vibe.

DeTach Cafe Placencia Village- Real Life Recess

gorgeous view right on the beach

DeTach Cafe Placencia Village-Real Life Recess

Conch Fritter and Lobster Creole special

We then spent some time laying in the sun and walking the beach.

Placencia beach - Real Life Recess

Best beaches in Belize

Tipsy Tuna Placencia Village Belize- Real Life Recess

The Tipsy Tuna added rooftop seating since our visit last year

We then jumped back on our bikes and rode up to the posh Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro for a snack and more great views. It’s a small resort with a restaurant and bar on the beach. The Bistro is consistently rated as one of the top restaurants in all of Belize. It’s  pricey by typical Belizean standards but worth the splurge for a fancy drink and innovative cuisine. They have a nice happy hour menu if you’re looking to get a taste of the good life without blowing your budget.

Maya Beach Bistro- Real Life Recess

view from our seat

Maya Beach Bistro- Real Life Recess

View of the resort from the dock

Maya Beach Hotel dock- Real Life Recess

Just spectacular

Maya Beach Bistro lunch - Real Life Recess

Roasted pumpkin-coconut-green chili soup and jerk fish empanadas

Close to Maya Beach Bistro and Resort we drove past Jaguar Lanes, a bowling alley that boasts a bar and “great pizza.” Further up the peninsula we drove past the mansions of Placencia Residences- seriously huge luxury homes here. We tried to enter the neighborhood for some pictures but the 24-hour security wasn’t having it and we were turned away at the gates (clearly we do not look like potential residents). Across the road, development on The Placencia- casino/resort/yacht club/spa/ etc. has all but stopped. It looked pretty much the same as it had this time last year so I’m guessing the developers ran out of funds to finish the extremely ambitious project.

Placencia casino- Real Life Recess

No construction going on here; it’s looked this way for years

Placencia mansion- Real Life Recess

Beautiful home and yacht. Not ours….

We continued the leisurely ride back to Hopkins. We passed a banana farm on the way.

banana farm Placencia- Real Life Recess

We took what we thought was a short cut through Sittee River to hit the gas station at the marina before turning the bikes back in for the night. Just to let you know, the turn off from the Southern Highway for Sittee River will take you to the marina but it’s not a short cut and some of the riding is pretty rough.

But all in all, not a bad first day of riding!

Alternate Adventures Hopkins- Real Life Recess

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