Placencia’s Holiday Boat Parade

Buba Wuba bartender Harry participates in holiday boat parade

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  A cold front moved in just in time to put a festive chill in the air- a frigid 70 degrees had locals pulling out their parkas and vacationers raising a questioning eyebrow… it’s cold? For Belize- yes it’s cold!

people gathered at Buba Wuba bar in Placencia awaiting the start of the holiday boat parade
look at all those long pants and sweater brrrr

The annual boat parade gathered last night at Buba Wuba’s bar on the lagoon.  After a gray, drizzly, and I’ll say it again- CHILLY day I was impressed with the turn out.  9 boats, loads of people, and a special appearance from Santa.

Boats paid $50 to register for the parade and all the proceeds collected went to the Peninsula Volunteer Fire Department (one of my favorite causes!)

The parade left Buba Wubas at dusk and looped around the lagoon to the municipal pier at the point.  I didn’t follow it down to the tip of town but I heard the boats played Christmas carols and tossed candy to kids.

The holiday spirit is catching and this cold front is supposed to last through Christmas so we’re planning some cookie baking this weekend.  Everyone stay warm!

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