Quarantine Chronicles- Locked down again

As Belize rides it’s second wave- really, we could argue this is the first wave because the original “outbreak” was hardly a wave, barely even a ripple- of Covid community spread, the GOB has announced the return of strict measures to attempt to squash infection rates.  What began a little more than a week ago with localized lockdowns in areas with identified cases has today been instituted nationwide.  Restaurants and bars are closed for 2 weeks (allowing takeout and delivery only), church services and events are canceled, gatherings of any size are banned- you aren’t even supposed to have a friend over to your house for dinner.

There is no official target date for re-opening the borders or international airport though the rumored date of September 3rd continues to float around neither confirmed nor denied.  But, since the 3rd falls in the middle of this new 2-week total lockdown it seems very unlikely that the airport would reopen even for the proposed closed-loop-tourism of the BTB’s Gold Standard (remember I wrote about it here?)

It absolutely tickles me to watch the Prime Minister or the Attorney General give their press conferences which most people watch on Facebook via a live feed where anyone, I mean ANYONE can comment and ask questions.  Sometimes it’s what the speaker says during his address that gives me a chuckle but often it’s the comments and questions fielded after the official speech that have me saying, “only in Belize.”

Belize is the least populated country in Central America and is home to less than 400,000 people.  The entire country feels like a small town sometimes and these press conferences have had a decidedly townhall-meeting feel about them.  I love it!

So how have we personally been coping with being trapped in paradise?  What are we doing to keep ourselves busy?  I’ve discovered some free online courses offered through Google, check them out!  In addition to the mountain of regular housework we’ve attempted some DIY projects such as painting and touching up some old furniture in our new 1-bedroom apartment downstairs (we’re almost there! Pictures soon!).  I’m also flexing my patience muscle and attempting to make sourdough- it takes like 3 days to make a loaf of this stuff!  Sourdough recipe I’m following

What are your locked down/ locked in activities and projects?  I’m open to book, Netflix, recipe, learning opportunity suggestions… anything really!

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