Real life got in the way of blogging

Family photo in key west

So we’re back!  We took an extended blog hiatus and here’s what we’ve been up to:

We had a baby!

Baby Mitch in hospital- Real Life Recess

We sold our house!

Selling Our House in Egg Harbor Township- Real Life Recess

We moved (several times)! From Egg Harbor Township to Simpson Avenue in  Ocean City (on 4th of July Weekend with a one month old…not fun),  and then to a winter rental on West Avenue in Ocean City. And now onto Belize. Mitch has already had four homes before his second birthday.

Moving into Simpson Ave House in Ocean City

We gave our cat away.

Piper Cat laying on Sofa

We quit our jobs.

Another good bye cake Good bye cake

And we purged belongings.  Multiple times. We had yard sales….which were awful…although we did manage to make about 600 dollars at the one below.

Simpson Ave Yard Sale

I had no idea how hard downsizing would be.  We’ve been purging belongings for years…yes, years! And we STILL had too much stuff. 

More stuff to get rid of So much stuff to get rid of

We sold online, we donated, we gifted, and we just flat out trashed stuff… so much stuff.

After all that we’ve finally come to Belize!  We’ll be getting this blog going again to tell you how we did it (it really wasn’t that hard) and keep you updated on life in paradise (or so we hope!)

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