School Fieldtrip to Outback Trails

Peninsula International Academy held their annual class trip for the younger grades to Outback Trails and Farm.  Located midway between Hopkins and the Placencia junction, Outback is easy to reach; making it a great option for horseback riding and taking in the scenery of the Maya Mountains from either of these popular tourists’ destinations.  We all boarded a bus for the quick ride out to the farm.

The first thing we did was visit the goat nursery pen.  This area is specifically for birthing and nursing mothers- a calm and protected area for newborns before they graduate to the general population fields.  It was full of moms and babes; the oldest being 4 days old but a majority of them still sporting umbilical cords and amniotic fluid slicked fur.   It probably wasn’t the best idea to let a whole group of overly excited school kids in to the pen but hopefully none of the babies were too traumatized.

After that we all lined up for a turn on a horse.  Outback offers trail rides and can accommodate riders as young as 7.  Because we had mostly preschoolers in our crew, we just took a lap or two around the field instead.

Some of us got bored waiting for everyone to take their turn on one of the 4 horses they were circulating (me, it was me- the kids were great, way more patient than I was) and wandered off to check out on of the greenhouses and to give chase to a flock of Guinea Hens.  They have hundreds of these funny little birds roaming the property- they eat ticks and keep snakes away- how useful!

We re-boarded the bus for a quick trip to a different part of the farm: the pig pens!  Again, these stys were specially for nursing moms and babies.  This time the graduates weren’t headed for a field they were destined for Running W or Beef Masters then your dinner plate.

Mommy pigs with newborns are confined to special pens inside their parlor to promote easy feeding of the piglets and prevent these big beauties from accidentally laying on top of their babies and crushing them.

All-in-all it was a fun-enough, offbeat, malodorous morning and we were back home by 1pm.  Would I do it again?  No.  Did I get some nice pictures? You bet.

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