Settling in to our new lives-BEElize it

So, we’ve been settling in to life here in Placencia village; and in to our home/ guesthouse. Which we renamed Driftwood Gardens by the way.

General upkeep of a home here is enough to keep one busy most days but we’ve also done some significant and minor upgrades to take this traditional Belizean style house to the next level of comfort.  We replaced the old wooden louver windows with glass ones (DM me if you want to hear our Peter’s Glass horror story and scathing review; I won’t openly blast them on the internet even though I probably should after they badly botched the job then ghosted us), added big new air conditioning units (mad props to Dwayne Flowers and his crew, highly recommend him for all sorts of repairs on the peninsula), replaced mattresses, added art, and restocked the kitchens.

Phil thought installing a pull-up bar was “necessary improvements” to the house

We also learned about bees in Belize- did you know there’s a swarm season?  In my estimation the season is between April and June here.  Swarming is natural, part of the honey bee’s lifecycle, and typically a harmless nuisance.  They might swarm and settle on your house or shed or palm tree but within a couple hours decide to move on en mass… unless of course they don’t.  Unless they decide YOUR house is now THEIR house.  Driftwood Gardens is a popular place it seems- we were chosen by bees two seasons in a row! 

The trouble with bees in Belize is that most hives are blended families- a mix of honey bees and Africanized “killer bees.”  Obviously, we can’t run a guesthouse full of bees and sadly they couldn’t simply be relocated because they were a mixed swarm.  It hurt our hearts to kill these bees but there was no alternative.

Placencia Pro Tip: If you need help with bees call the friendly neighborhood bee guy, Kenford Dunn. 604-9574

A day or two after we thought our bee troubles were over a very lovely French family was staying with us and came home from dinner to find their apartment covered in a hundred of more dead or dying bees.  Apparently, some stragglers were trapped in the walls and found their way out…in to the apartment! There were bees on beds, bees in open suitcases, bees in the bathroom, bees on the sofa, bees everywhere!  It was too late at night to find them alternative accommodations and all we could do is apologize profusely in Googled French and sweep up bee carcasses.  I was waiting for their review of our property- what’s the buzz?  #guesthousegrowingpains

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