Shopping in Belize- sorta Sam’s Club

Belize does not have any big box stores.  Nor do they have any chains or franchises like McDonalds or Subway.  Some people find this encouraging and quant while others worry about how they’ll do without Walmart and Starbucks (or Dunkin Donuts, or Tim Hortons, I guess it depends on where you’re coming from).

We do have a few larger and long-established stores; what you might consider departments stores.  You can check out Mirabs, Courts, and Benny’s in Belize City with satellite shop locations in select towns throughout the country.  I really like Dibary and Brodie’s in Belmopan.

I had heard about Sam’s Club just across the lagoon from Placencia, in Independence, but I’d never visited before.  It’s supposed to be a bulk item discount store but I was told you could break the packs and buy just single items from the bundle if you wanted and still receive the discounted rate.  Well last week, Cindy and I went on a journey of discovery; seeking truth and savings.  What we discovered was: the hype was right!  A warehouse style store with a mixed bag of items in bulk and overstock appliances.  The rumors about breaking packs up was also true; which was a relief because where would I store a dozen huge bottles of shampoo?

The prices were noticeably lower than the prices on the same items in Placencia.  I got a bit of this and some of that and a comically large can of nacho cheese.  Cindy got a new water cooler and a value pack of tuna. 

So yeah, it was a great shopping spree.  Made even better with a treat for the road trip home.  Cheers!

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