Spend the holidays in San Pedro

The town of San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye, is undoubtedly the top tourist destination in Belize.  There’re good reasons for this- it’s the top dive and snorkel locale being only minutes from the world’s second largest barrier reef, access to the famous Blue Hole, and world class fishing of all manner (deep sea, fly, even spear).  And of course, it’s beautiful!

With all that tourism comes loads of amenities.  San Pedro felt like North America to us after spending so long in Placencia.  It’s as if you can get ANYTHING here!  Diet sodas and Lean Cuisines in the supermarkets, freshly baked baguettes from a French bakery, real Texas BBQ, legitimate bagels with fresh veggie cream cheese!

I also noticed that San Pedro’s village council and public works department must be much better funded that little Placencia’s.  The town does a wonderful job decorating for and celebrating the holiday season.

If you plan on vacationing in San Pedro over the holidays you will find plenty of events to keep you entertained.  In town Central Park will be decked out in Christmas finery and check for the dates of their annual parades- on through the streets and one on the water.

Up north the Truck Stop holds a Christmas Bazaar with bake goods and crafts on sale.

And there will always be a few opportunities to be had for a picture with Santa.  Full disclosure- you will find that Santas in Belize are typically too tan and too skinny to really nail that Hallmark look but buy him a Belikin and he’ll be as jolly as any Old St Nick there ever was.

The festive atmosphere doesn’t end with Christmas either; New Years is a huge party!  There is a big ball drop and dance in the park with DJs and bands on stage. 

If you can drag yourself out of bed before dinner on New Years Day snap a photo to make the Canadian jealous of your traditional “polar bear plunge.”

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