Stay and Play in Southern Belize

In the small village of San Pedro Columbia, deep in the southern district of Belize, there is a uniquely fascinating place that few people will ever have the pleasure of visiting.  If you are planning to visit the Maya ruin site of Lubaantun, see if you can arrange a stop at the Butterfly Eco Park.  It’s only about a mile and a half away from Lubaantun and well worth the detour.

The park is a butterfly breeding cooperative that packages and sells cocoons to the US and Europe but it’s also so much more. 

They have a guesthouse for accommodations, a river to swim in, horses, and a caretaker that moonlights as a tour guide!

On our winter break adventure, Julia and I took the boys exploring down south and we spent the night at the butterfly park.  There are 2 rooms: one with a double bed and one with 3 singles.  A shared bathroom has a HOT shower (a brand new on demand water heater was pumping out water at a temperature I’ve become unaccustomed to since living in Belize, Mitch said it was burning him but Ashton seemed to shower for 45 minutes).   Accommodations are easy on the wallet- $50 bzd a night per room and include breakfast.  Lisa made lovely cinnamon buns with a natural orange glaze that was delicious and a hot cacao drink made from chocolate grown on site.

The real attraction here is the butterfly enclosure.  They had two varieties busy populating during our visit- the Blue Morpho and the Owl.  Both are showstoppers, big and beautiful.

Did you know butterflies only live as winged beauties for about 14 days?  How sad!  I guess its true- good looks are fleeting.

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