Storm Prep underway in Placencia

Living on the coast in the Carribean is most people’s dream: a totally carefree existence of tan lines and daiquiris… most of the time. Ah, every rose has it’s thorn as the saying goes. And, I suppose, every season has it’s storm.

Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs June through November but things really seem to get hot in August and September. The vast majority of times though, Belize seems to be blessed! We’re almost always spared foul weather- I guess it has something to do with the reef and tradewinds. I’m no weather fanatic but it seems to me that depressions and tropical storms form elsewhere and nearly always veer away from Belize; usually they track north towards the Gulf of Mexico and either peter out or spell trouble for the Caymans or Florida. I’m not saying Belize doesn’t get storms. Of course I’m not, I’m just saying that for the large part this tiny nation escapes unscathed. In fact, hurricane season usually brings Belize the BEST beach days. Storms forming out at sea “suck” the tide and wind from us, resulting in perfectly hot, sunny, clear, flat, utterly gorgeous seasides.

Every now and then storm karma has to throw us some wind and rain to keep things fair. This week we’re preparing to take our licks from the hurricane gods and-NANA!

Lots of busy hands around the village today. Taking signs down and boarding up windows. We here at Driftwood Gardens Guesthouse put all our outdoor furniture away, stowed the hammocks, and raised appliances and furniture up that is in the ground floor apartments. Here are some pictures from around the village and our house. Everyone’s hoping these preparations prove to be unnecessary. I guess we’ll know tomorrow! Stay tuned, stay safe.

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