That cold November Rain

Rain rain go away! I haven’t posted in ages because I’ve been a ball of anxiety over these late season hurricanes hitting us. 2020 has been a tough year for almost everyone, every where, and it’s no different in Belize. Children’s school years have been disrupted, jobs have been lost, businesses have been shuttered, residents have suffered illness. Then hurricanes in November, what the heck?

Hurricane Eta hit us the first week of November and brought record-breaking rainfall. Unprecedented flooding ravaged parts of Belize, villages along rivers were decimated. We were luckier than our neighbors in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras; we came through the storm with no loss of life but homes and businesses were destroyed. The Placencia Peninsula faired pretty well, we had significant flooding but no major damage. I was so nervous about our newly renovated ground-floor apartment; we JUST finished it and I was so scared it would be flooded and we’d have to re-do everything but it stayed dry! Just barely!

While many areas of the country were still drying out from Eta, this week we’re hit with outer bands from the massive Iota. Poor Nicaragua! This is devastating for their people. We in Belize experienced more heavy rainfall, more winds and more flooding but it was mainly a source of annoyance and anxiety as thankfully it doesn’t seem to be causing too much damage.

Today the sun is trying to break through the rain clouds and I’m hopeful that this will be the last storm of note until May… but I’m being told we need to watch a new system that is threatening to develop. Are you kidding me 2020?!?

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