The Placencia Beach Club

If you haven’t checked out this new and unique establishment yet- what are you waiting for?!  The Placencia Beach Club, formerly Fusion Beach, has been renovated and reopened this year after having sat vacant for a number of seasons.  Americans, Shane and Heather Kenny from Georgia purchased the hollowed-out shell of the old Fusion that had been empty and was falling in to disrepair and gave this cool spot a new life- reminiscent of its old life.  The PBC still boasts stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and swaying palm trees, infinity pool and loads of loungers, two bars and a restaurant.  The most notable change is the menu.  Innovative and elevated versions of the beach bar standards; for example, their inspired take on the typical Belizean dish of stewed chicken rice and beans- they make Belizean Arancini, those delicious elements combined and fried in rice-ball form.  Genius! 

Enjoy a variety of classic tacos or have it hush puppy style.  The daily menu doesn’t disappoint but the seasonal specials are something celebrate.  How does this sound?  A pumpkin pie boozy milkshake with an open-face Thanksgiving feast sandwich?  Or spiced apple cider and grilled cheese sandwich loaded with BBQ pork and caramelized onions?  It sounds to me like I’m going to need a bigger bikini if I spend too much time here!

The PBC also does loads of special events so be sure to check their Facebook page for all the latest happenings.  You might catch a Sunday Brunch, a Friday Flights and Bites wine tasting, or the release of a new craft beer.  Speaking of beer- something that really has me excited and totally sets the Beach Club apart from other places in the village is that they have Belikin and Hobbs beers on tap!  For whatever reason this is a total rarity but what is better than a cold draft beer on a hot day?!?!

So how do you join the club?  Easy- you can drop in for the day or week or go for a monthly or annual membership.  Memberships include pool fee, towels and even golf cart pick up and drop off from your home or hotel.  Children are always welcome to have a meal in the restaurant but the beach club allows guests 13 years and older only, except on family days which are Wednesdays and Sundays when all ages are welcome.

Creative cocktails, draft beer, inventive food and a stylish décor combine to create this trendy new spot in Placencia that is a must-visit.

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